The split appliance

VauQuadrat V7

Even before the V-series, we had split up devices and fitted them with an intermediate hose package if this was required for use on a gantry, on a large robot or similar. However, this was a very “tinkered” solution. So it was only logical to launch a special split device on the market after the launch of our own devices, whose inverter with the performance characteristics of the V4 is so small that it can be carried through manholes in large steel bridges or on ships. Or pull it behind you like a trolley case.

Main application limits: 50m intermediate hose package and 5m height difference between cooler (lower part) and inverter (upper part).

Whether the cooler is permanently installed in a truck and the inverter on a welding trolley, the upper part on a gantry or taken below deck for straightening in shipbuilding is irrelevant. Everything has a modular design and can be disassembled for transportation in minutes with almost no spillage.

Datenblatt des V7 Zusatz-Bedienungsanleitung des V7

Incidentally, the V7C is a V7 with the cooler of the V6, i.e. with significantly increased cooling capacity. This is the right choice for applications on chrome-nickel/aluminum/non-ferrous metals, but also for continuous use on steel.