Depth induction devices

Made in Germany

Induction? Deep induction! It is true that each type of device has a certain maximum power, but this is only a rough guide. In reality, it is a question of which inductor size can be “driven” for which purpose. It’s all about FIXED FREQUENCY INDUCTION, made in Germany. But always with the associated application know-how and, in the rarest of cases, with a direct copy of what you could do with a burner. What’s in it for you? No uncontrollable surface temperatures and guaranteed no 1000°C in just a few seconds. Is this exactly what you need because you want surface hardening? Then you’ve come to the wrong place, because it’s always about heating depth.
There are those who, with reference to the literature and formulas for the so-called “skin effect”, claim that this is all cheating and contrary to physics. The fact that this is not the case is immediately apparent to anyone who listens even minimally to the briefing. Because one thing is clear: if you use our devices in a grossly incorrect way, we can also turn fine-grain steels into coarse-grain steels, create any kind of ignition points and melting! But if you do it just about right, the result is a process that is very stable and makes it very difficult for the user to damage the material.
Want an example? If you have too short a field amplifier length on the inductor, do not move the inductor for heating times of more than 1-2 seconds controlled by a timer or even continue heating, although the inductor is already repelling on ferritic steel (then we are above AC2 / 769°C), then you can assume that you are doing it wrong.

With us you can rely on

  • the CE mark is rightly applied because, for example, the relevant directives are always taken into account in the valid edition
  • we are very aware of what you need to know about electrical and electromagnetic hazards (DGUV Regulation 15) when using these devices. Both the operating instructions and our application advice will help you to draw up a risk assessment and operating instructions
  • we will recommend the right appliance for your application and, above all, show you how to use it. Because one thing is certain: in most cases, “imitating the flame” is not exactly the solution
  • our application recommendations are always correct. We have far too many SFM/ST/SFI in development and sales for us to take the liberty of showing you applications in which the material is damaged
  • our appliances are designed for a long service life. An operating time of 10 years is nothing! Accordingly, we see it as our duty to keep all parts in stock and to provide replacements in good time as part of obsolescence management
  • we repair everything for you in a timely manner. An example of this are the repair flat rates for inductors – we have so far made every one of them as good as new, regardless of the damage!

Below you will find information on all our devices. Important: We always use the Central European mains supply 3x400V with a stable neutral conductor. If this is not guaranteed at the planned location, use the export version with an additional “X” in the device type. For example, the V3X instead of the V3.
The entire VauQuadrat V series is designed with a large stock of identical parts to ensure that the devices can be supplied with spare parts for as long as possible with as little effort as possible. The projected service life of the devices is more than 20 years!


Experience the V2 that won the ‘Krafthand TechAward’ in 2020 and discover why our existing customers are so enthusiastic. Learn how deep induction thermally removes rust without annealing.


The V3 – the solution for commercial vehicle workshops.
Discover how deep induction works in the maintenance of rail vehicles, construction machinery and more. Our technology preserves precision and expertise,
by keeping temperatures below 300°C.


Our flagship: The VauQuadrat V4 – Universally applicable, both manual and automated. Ideal for welding applications, repairs to construction machinery, rail vehicles and commercial vehicles


The V5 – the affordable solution for commercial vehicle workshops. Quality without compromises, more cost-effective than the V3, but no compromises in performance. Ideal for everyday use, but not for demanding tasks.


The V6 – your partner for demanding tasks with aluminum and stainless steel. Find out how our intelligent refrigeration machine offers more cooling capacity for your work.


Discover the innovative V7 – our special splitter for versatile applications. Compact and modular, transportable thanks to manholes and flexible for use on trucks, welding trolleys or in gantries.


The V7B: double-head split unit – two V7 upper sections on one lower section with increased cooling capacity. Perfect if you need the performance of a V4 at two locations at the same time, but only for a limited time. Efficient and silent heating performance.