Induktoren V2 / A800

Induktoren V3/ V5 / A1200

Induktoren V4 / V6 / A4000

We have been building inductors at VauQuadrat since 2011. In the beginning, it was only the specialties that were not available from our supplier at the time. Since Metglass was replaced as the field amplifier material, we have also been able to offer inductor repairs and refurbishments.

The basic structure of the VauQuadrat inductors is welded, only the fittings such as the field amplifier socket and connection flange are brazed. This gives them a certain robustness, so that at least it won’t happen that the inductor suddenly falls apart and a few buckets of coolant are sprayed around the room at high pressure! However, it must be clear that the field amplifiers (must) be made of a very brittle material and will be damaged if dropped from a certain height. In this case, however, our all-inclusive repair service can help.

The picture gallery is roughly divided according to the type of device for which the inductor is intended. Particularly with inductors for the V4 (and derived models such as the V6 and V7), it is important to note that, depending on the material, the inductor in question is either used with the standard device configuration or requires a special capacitor, which is available either with the 1.GE 406 capacitor switch or a fixed conversion.

As this question is often asked: What about the interchangeability of the inductors with those of other manufacturers? Well, since most other suppliers use resonance induction, they have the advantage of being able to screw anything onto the hosepack that fits mechanically! However, since their massive disadvantage is a lack of effective depth and thus uncontrollable surface temperatures – which our inductors are not designed for! – you have to see how far you can get with them.

In general, it must be clear that we can build pretty much any inductor shape you need. Including an upstream “small project” at an all-inclusive price if the shape differs greatly from existing shapes and you want to minimize the risk of investing in an inductor that doesn’t work properly. We look forward to your inquiry.