VauQuadrat V6

To be clear: the V6 is identical to the V4 in terms of the inverter data and therefore the basic rules of which inductor with which condenser configuration on which material. The special feature lies in the chiller. A refrigeration circuit must be designed in such a way that it functions smoothly at cold fluid temperatures, at full load and at particularly high ambient temperatures.
As a result, the compressor is braked and limited in many areas of its operating range so that it does not trigger one of the safety devices at its weakest operating point due to the refrigerant pressure being too high or too low.
In the V6, the refrigeration circuit is equipped with an ingenious additional control system that allows as much cooling capacity to be produced at any given time as the condenser can release into the ambient air via the fans. And at most of the operating points, this is much more than in the comparable state of the V4!
You benefit from this, for example, with

  • Preheating work on aluminum and copper
  • Particularly high duty cycle in shift operation, mechanization, automation
  • Straightening and preheating work on chromium-nickel, duplex steel and other steel materials with an austenitic or partially austenitic structure

Datenblatt des V6 
Bedienungsanleitung des V6