Double-headed splitter

VauQuadrat V7B

Now it’s getting powerful! Two V7 upper sections on one lower section with increased cooling capacity and a reinforced pump. Is this a replacement for two V4s or even two V7s? Normally not. Because if you need the full performance and endurance of a V4 at every deployment site, then there’s no getting around having two separate units.
The situation is different, however, if you need the power of a V4 at the two locations at the same time, but only for a limited time. So that the buffer volume of a water tank is sufficient and the joint refrigeration machine can cool the tank down again during the break in use.
Because then the V7B is a sensational solution! To put it in the right perspective: The lower part with the pump and compressor is what makes the noise. You could easily move this to an adjoining room and suddenly have a lot of heating power without making any noise…

Datenblatt des V7B