Problemlöser in Nutzfahrzeugwerkstätten

VauQuadrat V3

“Nothing glows!!!” is always the first disappointed exclamation when you are shown what you can do with deep induction in a commercial vehicle workshop or in the maintenance of rail vehicles, construction machinery or agricultural machinery. Well, hopefully not! Because otherwise either it wouldn’t be deep induction or someone wouldn’t have paid attention during the briefing.
Because the decisive factor in our applications is that they are 100% professional. As the materials we are dealing with are always tempered steel, it is crucial that the temperatures – especially on the surface – are kept under control. Our main effects, the destruction of corrosion through temperature change, the dissolution of thread adhesive and the dismantling of interference fits, occur at temperatures below 300°C. Usually easy to observe in the workshop: nothing glows. Just like that.

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