Enter the world of soldering, where innovation and precision meet. At VauQuadrat, we offer pioneering technologies for both precise soft soldering and efficient brazing. Our expertise spans a wide range of applications, from car body repair to the production of high-quality brazed joints in the refrigeration industry.
Find out how our advanced deep induction technology has redefined the standards in these areas. Inspired by the development in 2011 of brazing hard metal plates with silver brazing alloys on steel, we have created technologies that achieve outstanding results in both soft soldering and brazing.
Our deep induction technology not only offers precise temperature control and reliable tinning in soft soldering, but also sets new standards in brazing. Regardless of whether you are joining complex components or working in refrigeration machine construction, our technology offers efficiency at the highest level.
While Kupefer-copper brazing joints are also reasonably controllable with conventional induction. In the past, the uncontrollable surface temperatures when brazing mixed chrome-nickel-copper joints have ensured that brazing with conventional inductors has never progressed beyond the status of a niche process.
With deep induction, the process in question looks fundamentally different.
As can be seen in the following video: