Inductor repair

Dropped, rubbed through, field amplifier partially broken out, totally overheated, driven over: The things that happen to inductors are amazing. But because our inductor bodies are welded at the crucial points, they can withstand a lot. Suitable fixtures, step-by-step procedures and suitable heat treatment processes make it possible to restore every inductor from our production to its full service life.

Keyword repair of third-party inductors and use of our inductors on third-party devices: There is a maturity of other makes where the flanges are compatible. And resonance inductors can be adapted to a wide range of inductor inductances, so far the good news. But because of the uncontrollable runaway workpiece surface temperatures during resonance induction, neither our embedded ceramic pieces nor the special field amplifier material would be much fun to use. So be careful with them.

One more word on the subject of “urgent inductor repair”: This can only happen if someone has their inductor in for repair and the next day someone drives over the replacement inductor with their tank! “Urgent” due to loss of use because you don’t have a spare inductor – not really.

There is no scheduling or anything like that. The repairs happen on the side. An insider tip: The more inductors at once, the lower the chance that they will “slip in between”.