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Discover innovative solutions since 2009:
At VauQuadrat, we focus on deep induction and have been manufacturing our own deep induction devices since 2019.

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VauQuadrat GmbH - Deep induction at work!

Induction? Deep induction! Since 2009, we have been solving problems in two major fields of application and have been manufacturing deep induction devices ourselves since 2019:

Welding technology applications

Applications around welding technology such as minimally invasive thermal straightening, fast and economical preheating - also directly upstream for energy redistribution in the welding process, softening of thermal cut edges, as well as local final magnetization for arc protection.

Dismantling in workshops

Professional disassembly applications in workshops of all kinds, such as the lightning-fast destruction of corrosion through rapid temperature changes without annealing. But also the non-destructive dissolution of thread adhesives such as Loctite. Quick and risk-free disassembly of press fits.

Process-safe hard and soft soldering

Reliable brazing and soldering - for example in refrigeration technology, but also in many other areas of application