Immerse yourself in the world of precision brazing with deep induction technology from VauQuadrat. Whether you want to join complex components or create high-quality brazed joints in refrigeration machine construction – our technology offers efficiency at the highest level.

Find out how VauQuadrat’s deep induction technology sets new standards in the field of brazing. This technology has not only found an application in our own refrigeration machine construction, but also plays a decisive role in the process optimization of brazing.

Creating precise connections:

Experience an innovative method for brazing different materials. Deep induction technology allows you to produce precise brazing joints, whether for the prefabrication of assemblies or the creation of tight connections on plate heat exchangers. The versatility and efficiency of this technology offer numerous application possibilities.

Applications in the refrigeration and cooling circuit:

Experience how deep induction technology enables the brazing of copper-copper and copper-brass joints. From the prefabrication of assemblies to the creation of tight brazed joints on plate heat exchangers – the possible applications are diverse and efficient.

Automation and quality assurance:

Find out how our deep induction technology not only makes it possible to produce sophisticated solder joints, but can also be used in an automated and time-controlled manner. Quality assurance is carried out by experienced employees or automated processes, depending on the customer’s requirements.