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VauQuadrat V2

“Why less induction in the car workshop is not enough!” was the headline of one of our advertising layouts. And if you’ve never seen what deep induction can do in disassembly – in contrast to torches and normal induction – then you won’t understand how you can spend money on something like this.
But thermally destroying rust without annealing is the key to professionally opening rusted steering parts, for example. This (and not “induction”!) is exactly what won the “Krafthand TechAward” in 2020.
The V2 is available with 8kW and 10kW maximum power. The extra power is particularly useful for applications with slightly thicker materials. After all, our applications are not about reaching maximum temperatures, but about the rate of temperature change where the rust is located. For example, in the thread between the tie rod and the tie rod end.
In this respect: Have deep induction demonstrated to you. Otherwise you will never be able to understand why existing customers are so enthusiastic and why these devices really pay off! Sorry, but you will only receive our INDUCTION TIPS as an existing customer.

Datenblatt des V2 
Bedienungsanleitung des V2