VauQuadrat-Keks und Espresso: Neimcke-Hausmesse in Traunstein

The Alesco induction heaters were of course the main topic, but the home-baked VauQuadrat cookies and the espresso machine on the stand were still well received.

Over 3,000 visitors came by the VauQuadrat stand thanks to the neat Neimcke organization. Or not really. Because with the ‘show glow’ with the A1100 on large pieces of steel and the table football set up opposite by an adhesive manufacturer, a real ‘experience barrier’ had formed that nobody could really get past.

The usual great amazement, only a very few who were still babbling something about ‘gas and oxygen’ afterwards and, above all, the exhibition appliances that were sold off: a great experience, just like at the Automechanika.