SLV Fellbach: Induction heaters in the flame direction course

Induction straightening presented to experts as a new alternative to flame straightening


For the second time, the well-known flame straightening course at the Schweisstechnische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt in Fellbach featured a new item on the program on 6 December: the presentation of ‘Induction straightening instead of flame straightening’. A complete novelty in the professional world, so there were astonished faces throughout when people saw what the 12kW of the Alesco A1100 could do with thick steel profiles.

In the meantime, the first welding machine dealers have jumped on the bandwagon.
We can assume that the news will have spread by the time SCHWEISSTEC takes place in the middle of next year.

Image: Participants in the flame straightening course learn about induction heating devices