Rail vehicle/maintenance

Watch out, trap!
Experience in the trade tells you what you can – or rather cannot – do with heat. With the flame as a heating medium, you think twice about using it and heat is only used – if at all – once you have tried everything else. With the inevitable accompanying damage and the limited range of use, everyone thinks they know: “An induction appliance (as a replacement for the flame) is never worth it!” To make this clear from the outset: An induction appliance to replace the flame really wouldn’t pay off.
And at this point, you have to be brave as an experienced screwdriver: Everything we show and describe to you in terms of applications is done quite differently than with a flame. The physical effects of the high field concentration and the effective depth are still unique to the VauQuadrat V2/V3/V4 deep induction devices. It’s not about “induction”, because everyone thinks they can do that nowadays. We consistently comply with the limits for electromagnetic fields in accordance with DGUV V15. In addition, all proposed applications are professional – no material is damaged, no coating becomes brittle, nothing is burnt in the environment. After all, we are in the regulated area and DIN EN 15085 provides the direction. And then it also works faster and, above all, more smoothly.
The result: deep induction is used proactively (!) from the outset, not just after an hour of trial and error with a hammer, spray oil and extension.

Let us show you what you can do with deep induction devices in rail vehicle maintenance in a non-binding demonstration of your daily applications. And if you try to replicate these applications with either a flame, a hot air gun or another induction device (resonance induction), make sure that you keep the temperature on the vehicle parts under control – otherwise it’s over with “professional”.
Deep heat instead of yellow heat! Heating speed instead of high temperature. Used, for example, by Deutsche Bahn (DB), the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), the Rhaetian Railway (RhB), Alstom and countless streetcar operators, such as RNV Mannheim and LinzAG.