Hydraulic cylinder: Induction for disassembly!

Remove the cylinder and piston, leave the seals intact!

With a little practice, you can even keep the damage to the paintwork to a minimum, as has been shown in practical tests. In any case, you can use minimal heat to unscrew the bonded screw connections of the cylinder and cylinder nut or cylinder and cylinder base, or remove the piston from the piston base. And in any case without damaging the chrome plating on the piston rod.

The secret: the adjustable depth effect of induction. After an agricultural engineer broached the subject and the experiment proved successful, this time several prepared cylinders with diameters of up to around 150 mm were used. However, it is foreseeable that the Alesco A1100 could easily process even larger diameters.

Heating the cylinder takes about 30 seconds, the piston crown perhaps a minute.